Proposed ADM Based Initiatives in Africa

African continent representing 1/6th of humanity is another socio economic lab for Alternative Development Model. AFDO’s aim is to replicate and achieve similar success in Africa as it achieved in India though its ADM based initiatives

African Agriculture Corridor

The Agriculture Corridor, a vision of AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION, is an ambitious project for the sustainable and equitable growth of the African Agro Economy. The proposed Agriculture Corridor will work on the principles of 5P’s - POLICY, POWER, PRESERVATION, PROCESSING & PACKAGING and it provide an effective technical & commercial high-end platform, to stakeholders in African Agriculture and thereby creating a direct interface between various participants.


  • To play a role of a catalyst for the " African Green Revolution“ through the ADM based practices


  • Links different sectoral strategies to promote economic transformation towards higher productivity sectors and activities, and more and better employment and market opportunities.
  • Target public investment for priority agro-ecological or underutilized zones along a corridor
  • Promote domestic and foreign private investment into producing and processing agricultural goods
  • Help focus policies and support programs to link smallholder farmers to national, regional and international production networks
  • Improve agricultural input and output markets, transport and logistics, energy access and national and cross-border marketing

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