A Paradigm Shift From Exploitation to Empowerment

THE CHALLENGE – Old Development Model

The developed nations of the world, comprising 5%, have used a model based on rampant exploitation of resources.

THE VISION – New Development Model

To take a step towards creation of a New Development Model for the remaining 95% of the world based on principles of:

Energy Efficiency

Environmental Responsibility​t


Experience to give you a better results

Why Africa Needs ADM


Total Area is 30.2 M sq. km

  • 20% of total landmass in the world
  • Population density only 30.5/sq.km. (India – 368, China – 140, World – 52)
  • Only 13 countries have arable land > 15% of landmass, and 23 countries have < 5% arable land

Africa is not just a continent

  • 54 countries with distinctly different cultures and speaking more than 3000 languages
  • 9 free trade blocks encourage and simplify trade and commerce through regional grouping

Strong legacy of authoritarian regimes (> 20 states)

  • Recent democratic movements show that the continent is gaining ground in leaps and bounds towards independence
  • 40 countries held parliamentary elections in 2005

Represents 1/6th of Humanity (Population ~1.30 B)

  • 11 countries with population > 30 M, whereas 31 countries with population < 10 M
  • Only 40% lives in urban areas

Support from JAIN Countries

A Paradigm Shift From Exploitation to Empowerment

Many countries in Africa already have well-established diplomatic, social and economic relationships with Japan, America, India and Norway. AFDO attempts to consolidate the support and resources and make them compliant to the ADM ethos of EES and RME.

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